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What Kind of Pipe Material Should I Use?

When establishing an air compressor network you’ll need to take a good look at what you want the piping to be made of. There are actually pluses and minuses and technical reasons why one type of piping should be chosen over another. Depending on the type of system you may want to consider a variety of metals before deciding on the right one for you.

And the pipes will be metal, as plastic is absolutely not recommended for air compressor systems. This is because plastic is not only less resilient than metal but is more prone to damage from some of the lubricants often used in compressor systems. Some of those lubricants can end up having the opposite effect of slowing down flow or in some cases actually eating through the plastic.

Stainless steel is recommended for an oil-free system since in those systems corrosion can be an issue. Stainless steel should also be used for any system piping for oil-free and reciprocating or rotary air compressors. Steel, along with copper, and aluminum, have smooth bores which translates to lower friction and thus lower pressure losses over the system. This increase in efficiency will result in higher energy output and savings. Aluminum is fast becoming a popular choice as well since it provides great structural strength and light weight along with great resistance to corrosion. Black iron piping is also still available but it does have the downside of an inner barrel that is not as smooth and may result in pressure drops over larger installations.

Choosing the pipe material has mostly to do with your price point and type of system and an expert will be able to easily explain the benefits of any of them. If you’re looking for more answers on pipe materials or are interested in installing a system for your own air compressor installation contact our experts at CED today.

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