Installing an air compressor is a significant investment for your business. It is essential to have it done right to ensure you get the most value, performance, and years of use from your air compressor installation. Here is our step-by-step guide to help you through this process.

Space Requirements

Before deciding on the location, check out the space requirements. In addition to the physical size of your new air compressor, take into consideration the need for proper air circulation, access for maintenance, and allowing space for expansions in the future. 


Air compressors generate heat when they operate. To maintain efficient operation and prevent unnecessary shutdowns, this heat needs to be dealt with in various ways:

Noise Levels

Ask about the noise level rating for your new air compressor. Consider a location that will not impact workers or other operations. It may be necessary to install soundproofing measures where this is not possible. 

Environmental Hazards

Avoid installing the compressor in areas with environmental hazards such as dust or debris. Compressors are fitted with filters to prevent damage. However, they operate best in clean, dry spaces without the worry of solid or gaseous contaminants.

Checklist of Other Factors

When making your final decisions on the location of your air compressor, do consider these points:

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