Commercial air compressors are specialized equipment that requires maintenance from time to time to ensure they run correctly. They also require a professional air compressor service and are not something you should try and cut costs around because this can adversely affect production and lead to more unexpected expenses. 

Bearing this in mind, you may be interested in what is considered best practice when it comes to your air compressor. We share expert advice and tips to help you take care of yours more effectively.  

Understand Your Compressor  

Having a professional service and maintaining your compressor is always recommended, but it can help you understand potential issues if you read through the manual. This can give you important information to take note of, such as the manufacturer’s recommendations, suggested maintenance schedules, and even guide you through common troubleshooting problems.  

Prioritize the Air Filter 

One of the prevalent issues we find in this industry is that businesses only reach out for help once their compressor is completely run down, and upon inspection, it is often caused by a clogged-up air filter.  

If your operational output fills up the filter quickly, you need to know how often it needs to be replaced to ensure it continues performing optimally.  

Follow the Instructions Provided  

Whether it’s in the manual or from your provider, following expert instructions can ensure you prevent and avoid potential issues. With limited knowledge of how air compressors work, you may not be aware of what is required for upkeep or what you can do yourself within reason. 

You may also underestimate problems and assume that you can fix a troublesome compressor yourself.  

Keep a Maintenance Schedule  

On delivery and installation, you were likely advised how often you need to maintain your compressor. This information can be crucial to the reliability of the equipment and how it affects the rest of your manufacturing operation. By adhering to the proposed maintenance schedule, you can keep your equipment in good working condition, avoid unnecessary bills due to negligence, and rest easy knowing professionals are servicing a vital part of your facility.  

Regular air compressor services can help you not only lengthen the lifespan of your equipment but also protect your business from the costs of repairs resulting from poor care.  

CED Compressed Air offers preventative maintenance services and more. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.