Vibration Analysis and Engineered Change Bulletins

What is vibration analysis and how do we actually benefit from it? Vibration analysis or what is more often referred to as predictive maintenance is a vital component in all condition monitoring service techniques. This is a useful process that is utilised mostly in a wide variety of industrial applications to avoid equipment breakdown and reduce costs for maintenance. When properly done, a vibration analysis will allow a technician or maintenance personnel to thoroughly evaluate the overall condition of the equipment, and more importantly, to detect on their early stages, any potential equipment failure in the future.

Because we work closely with Atlas Copco- the industry’s leading manufacturer of compressed air equipment, we are always made aware of all the changes made in their products, big or small. We are kept current with the latest oil analysis kits. We also receive precise information and correct engineering change bulletins (ECBs) to let us know if some parts of the equipment we carry are changed and if they are interchangeable with the previous ones. The correct fit for all the parts of compressed air systems is crucial if we want them to function as they should. We are also up-to-date with the latest vibration analyses. This only means that CED Compressed Air can confidently adjust to any engineering changes and will be able to properly address any operation concern you might have with your Atlas Copco compressors.

Like in all other types of industrial equipment, when it comes to compressed air systems, it is always better to be on top of things. That is the best way to keep your equipment running smoothly and for the longest possible time too. Air compressors that function well translates to better overall operation, ensured high quality end products, less downtime, and avoided costs for troubleshooting.

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