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Welcome to C.E.D. Compressed Air.C.E.D. Compressed Air operates on two guiding principles; that we must be aware of our customers’ needs and be able to meet them. C.E.D. knows it is business critical to stay on the cutting edge of technology.Established in 1986, C.E.D. has strong connections in the compressed air industry, and even more so with our supplier partners. But no good business rests on its laurels, to that end, C.E.D. is moving forward with an innovative “People, Technology and Relationship” (P.T.R.) program to further our abilities to meet customers’ needs.PeopleC.E.D.’s success is rooted in its people.

The compressed air industry changes quickly and with it, so does its technology. Our people upgrade their skills on an ongoing basis so that we can meet customers’ needs effectively. They are trained on the latest technology and are aware of programs such as “Save on Energy” helping our clients realize rebates and incentives so as to help them reduce their operating costs.

Technology is changing and so are we. The C.E.D. Compressed Air team has partnered with world class suppliers like Atlas Copco for more than 25 years. Our alliance with Atlas Copco, the world’s largest manufacturer of compressed air equipment, exposes our team to industry leading technologies. SmartLink is the latest innovation from Atlas Copco marrying high reliability and smart energy to a vast communications infrastructure. The C.E.D. team has embraced these technological advancements and communicated their value to our clients who are benefitting through improved equipment reliability and reduced energy consumption.

The value of these advancements has been validated by utility rebate programs such as Ontario’s SaveOnEnergy. RelationshipsOur relationships are the cornerstone of our business. The C.E.D. Compressed Air team fosters many business relationships in different industries. Our understanding of today’s changing business protocols allows us to meet the requirements to work in any facility. We strive to meet every customer’s request with the same urgency and respect and to complete its work for these partners efficiently and with the utmost respect for our customers work environment.


C.E.D. Compressed Air is a platinum distributor for Atlas Copco and takes advantage of the size and the depth of its product line and 140 year history. Atlas Copco is equipped with a modern research and development department. Atlas Copco is a leading edge company that sets the bar for all other manufacturers.

Partnering with our clients to save
on energy and utilities for future generations!

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