About Us

Established in 1986

About CED Compressed Air

Welcome to CED Compressed Air Inc., a distinguished leader in the compressed air industry since our establishment in 1986. As a third-generation owned and operated company, CED Compressed Air takes pride in exceeding customer expectations through unwavering commitment to customer relations, cutting-edge technology, and uncompromising standards of excellence across our organization.

Our Mission: At CED Compressed Air, our mission is to be the unparalleled provider of compressed air solutions, continually surpassing customer expectations through a harmonious blend of innovative technology, exceptional customer relations, and a steadfast commitment to high standards throughout our company.

Core Values:

1. Customer Excellence: At the heart of our mission is an unwavering dedication to surpassing customer expectations. We commit to understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs, responding with urgency, respect, and efficiency. Every interaction with CED Compressed Air reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology: In a rapidly evolving industry, we embrace change and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Partnering with world-class suppliers, such as our enduring alliance with Atlas Copco spanning more than 25 years, we ensure that our team is equipped with the latest innovations. Our proactive approach to technology enables us to offer state-of-the-art solutions that enhance equipment reliability and reduce energy consumption for our valued clients.

3. Unwavering Standards: As a third-generation company, we take pride in upholding the highest standards across all facets of our operations. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement, upgrading skills, and staying abreast of industry best practices. We set and maintain rigorous standards, ensuring that every aspect of our business reflects excellence.

4. People-Centric Approach: CED Compressed Air recognizes that our success is rooted in our people. Our team is the driving force behind our achievements, and we invest in their ongoing development. Through training on the latest technologies and programs like “Save on Energy,” we empower our team to deliver optimal solutions, ultimately benefiting our clients by reducing operating costs.

5. Strong Relationships: Building and nurturing strong relationships are the cornerstones of our business. With a deep understanding of evolving business protocols, we strive to meet the unique requirements of various industries. Our commitment to efficiency, respect, and professionalism ensures that every partnership is approached with the utmost urgency and consideration for our customers’ work environment.

As CED Compressed Air enters a new era as a third-generation company, we remain dedicated to the principles that have defined our success. Our “People, Technology, and Relations” (P.T.R.) program embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that CED Compressed Air continues to be your trusted partner in compressed air solutions.