Many industries across Canada are involved in reevaluating their processes in light of the desire to be cleaner, greener, and less impactful on our earth. One area that deserves attention is the use of industrial air compressors in Ontario and all across the country.

In this blog post, we will explore how these machines can contribute to sustainable manufacturing and the adoption of eco-friendly practices. 

New Energy-Efficient Technologies

Air compressors are used in many manufacturing processes, from the motor industry, mining, and pharmaceuticals all the way through to food production. Compressed air is used for powering tools, controlling pneumatic machinery, operating instrumentation, and operating functions like sealing, labelling, and filling containers in food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, to mention just a few.

Traditionally, these processes have been energy-intensive, but things are changing. New technology in this sector is focused on energy-efficient and demand-based designs, making them more economical to run and less impactful on the environment. 

Reducing Waste and Emissions

By incorporating pneumatic and other compressed air processes, manufacturers can reduce waste by improving the precision of their outputs (for example, in cutting, shaping and assembly), which helps reduce mistakes and material wastage and assists in sustainable processing practices.

Emissions can be monitored and controlled by ensuring efficient air delivery, minimizing leakages, regular maintenance, and periodic upgrades to ensure optimum performance of the system as a whole.

Full System Audits

It is a good idea to schedule a comprehensive system audit to pinpoint vital performance metrics like actual delivery to production, system reliability, and compressed air quality. This information can be used to identify chances to increase efficiency. It can also address issues such as air misuse, inefficient system setups, and machines that are mismatched in size for their required operations. 

To find out how you can contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices through the effective use of industrial air compressors in Ontario, contact CED Compressed Air today. 

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