Air compressors require air compressor tanks (also known as air receiver tanks) for efficient operation. These tanks are a critical component of the compressor system, and understanding their purpose can help you make the most of your equipment. 

In this blog, we will look at why they are so important. 

What is An Air Compressor Tank?

An air compressor tank is a storage tank that holds compressed air. It is a vital part of the air compressor system, serving several essential purposes that contribute to the overall efficiency and performance of the compressor.


The specific function of the air compressor is to generate high-pressure air. One of the most important functions of the tank is to store this compressed air and release it slowly as needed. It ensures a stable and even supply of compressed air to other tools or equipment.  

Reducing Cycling

Without a tank, the compressor would need to be turned on every time compressed air was required and turned off again when not. This constant on/off cycling would increase wear and tear on the motor and other parts. The result would be more frequent breakdowns and an increased need for repairs and maintenance. 

Providing Constant Flow 

Tanks allow short bursts of compressed air to be released without adding undue pressure to the compressor. This lets equipment such as pneumatic tools operate at their optimal capacity without affecting the compressor. 

Cooling and Condensation

Compressed air is created at high temperatures. Tanks provide an opportunity for this air to be cooled before being used. Cooled air helps prevent the overheating of tools and equipment, meaning they will operate more efficiently and safely.  

When the air cools, condensation happens. The tank provides a safe place for this to happen. Excess moisture can be safely drained away, ensuring the ongoing quality of the compressed air and preventing damage to the compressor. 

Overall, an air compressor tank improves the efficiency of your entire compressed air system. It makes it more efficient and reduces wear and tear. From a production perspective, it ensures a constant, reliable compressed air supply. 

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