When it comes to selecting an air compressor for your Scarborough business, multiple factors should be taken into consideration. It is better to spend some time planning in the beginning and getting the most suitable air compressor than to realize you have made an expensive mistake down the line.

Our team of experts has compiled this list of 4 things to consider to get you started.

  1. Understanding Your Requirements

Before selecting, determine your volume and air pressure requirements. Guidelines to help you determine these requirements include:

  1. Type of Air Compressor for Your Needs

The next consideration is the type of air compressor that will best suit your operation. Options include the following:

  1. Brands and Warranties

It is important to note that not all air compressors are created equal, so it is vital to consider the reputation of the manufacturer and the warranty offered. Always choose a reputable brand backed by a solid warranty for peace of mind and long-term savings, such as Atlas Copco.

  1. Budget Considerations

When analyzing your budget for a new air compressor, it is essential to factor in the upfront cost and the total cost of ownership, including operating and maintenance costs. Look for energy-efficient models that reduce long-term operating expenses, even if they have a higher initial cost. Remember to include maintenance costs, such as regular servicing and replacement parts. 

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