By their very nature, portable mobile air compressors are designed to handle harsh conditions, from high temperatures to high altitudes. They are a great partner in multiple applications, from sandblasting, coring and drilling to powering pneumatic tools and jackhammers.

However, if you are planning to use your new air compressor in less-than-favourable conditions, it is important to consider these common situations that can affect its efficiency and lifespan if it is not suitable for the conditions.

Ignoring Moisture and Corrosion Prevention

Moisture can be a compressor’s worst enemy, causing rust and corrosion that can damage components, and reduce the performance and life of the compressor and tools. To prevent moisture-related issues, service the unit regularly and routinely replace filters.

When purchasing a portable mobile compressor, look for models that sport a robust polyethene canopy to provide the appropriate protection. Ask your supplier about their corrosion testing procedures to ensure you are buying equipment that can withstand wet conditions.

Overworking in High Temperatures

Air compressors produce heat. Working in high-temperature situations can place an additional burden on the equipment. To prevent this, choose a compressor certified to operate in high-temperature conditions, and that has proper and adequate ventilation.

Neglecting to Consider High Humidity Conditions

High humidity can overload your compressor with extra water, affecting filter performance and overall efficiency. To accommodate this, opt for high-quality compressors and be sure to check and replace filters regularly. Ensuring ventilation and airflow across the coolers and radiators will help further protect your compressor from the effects of high humidity.

Omitting to Consider the Damage Dust Can Cause

Dust is not a friend of the air compressor. If dust enters the system, it can have a detrimental and costly effect on your compressor, not to mention the equipment attached to it. To avoid this, choose high-quality equipment, filters and components to protect your compressor and maintain clean air. Going forward, regular maintenance, including cleaning and replacing filters, is a must to maintain the integrity of your equipment.

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