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Tips on Safely Using Your Air Compressor

Modern air compressors are designed and built in a way that they conform to really strict standards that ensure their quality and their safety. Manufacturers ensure that they are no more hazardous than most other power tools in your garage or workshop. Of course, that is only possible if you use your equipment properly, too.


Unfortunately, there are still operators who fail to take care when running air compressors and that leads to some accidents. To avoid these accidents and any potential injury, you can follow these helpful tips:


  1. Before using the equipment, make sure that you have read the instruction manual. This should be your only guide. Use your air compressor in accordance with the manual and you will be less likely to encounter any accident.
  2. Do not, for whatever reason, try to move your air compressor using anything but the transportation handles.
  3. If you are working in a damp condition, please keep from using plug adaptors or sockets with your electrically powered compressor.
  4. Do not forget to wear the recommended protective clothing whenever you are operating your air compressor. Always use safety goggles because blasts of pressurized air might fire splinters, some metal shavings, and many other harmful materials into the air at high speed.
  5. Avoid getting your compressed air equipment wet, even if it is just a result of accidental spraying during cleaning. It is much safer to use a damp cloth when cleaning your air compressor.
  6. Never allow children and pets in the vicinity if you are using your air compressor.
  7. Before using it, make sure that your air compressor is standing on a flat, stable, and really secure surface where there is absolutely no possibility of it tipping over or rolling while it is in use.
  8. Always check the ventilation in the room before you start using it. Additionally, please do not use your air compressor if you are near any potentially explosive gas.
  9. Avoid pointing compressed air directly at anyone, be it a person or even animal.
  10. Always check your air compressor for any sign of damage, wear and tear, as well as many other defects. This is to ensure that the air compressor in Ontario that you are using is still safe.



There you go folks – some very easy to follow steps that could greatly help you ensure your safety when using this equipment.

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