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Symptoms of Pressure Switch Problems

Pressure switch problems can take various forms. There are also problems that may appear to be related to the pressure switch but are actually not. Read on to find out some common symptoms that you have to watch out for:


  • Leaking Pressure Switch

Sometimes you will hear complaints that there is compressed air seeping from the pressure switch all the time. When this happens, it is easy to assume that changing the pressure switch would fix the problem.

There are some pressure switches, however, with an integral unloader valve inside the cover and it is possible that it is the actual source of the air leak. There are other models that have the unloader valve adjacent to the switch. If these types of pressure switches have air bleeding from them, it may seem that air is leaking from the switches themselves.

However, the problem is coming from neither. This symptom is actually relating to the check valve and it is what needs fixing.

The tank check valve may get worn out and acquire airborne debris that is deposited on its seats and seals. Instead of closing tightly by the air pressure, compressed air may bleed by the check valve. One the compressor stops, the unloader valve opens automatically. Instead of dumping the trapped air over the piston, though, the open unloader valve lets the leaking air to flow out to the atmosphere.


  • Compressor Would Not Start

This is another common failure symptom. What happens is that you are using an air tool and the pressure drops below the normal compressor cut in the pressure level but the compressor drains completely and fails to start at all.

It is possible that your pressure switch has worn out because it is an electro-mechanical device. You can check for its state by having a look under the cover. See if it is burnt or filthy. Make sure the compressor is not plugged when you do this.


  • Compressor Would Not Stop

The opposite of the above-mentioned symptom is also possible. If your air compressor refuses to shut off and keeps on compressing air into the tank leading to the pressure relief valve opening and venting air, then it is a serious switch failure.

Unplug your air compressor, and wait until you have replaced the switch before using it again. This, again, is a big safety concern and needs immediate attention.

These are only some of the most common pressure switch concerns that you might encounter while using compressors. Remember that for serious concerns, it is better to call in the assistance of a professional to help you deal with the air compressor issue.





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