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Managing a compressed air system can be quite challenging, so you can imagine how it can be frustrating to control multiple compressors that are located in different rooms. If you are manually controlling your compressed air system and you set up a strategy that uses local compressor pressure settings, it is possible that you are … Continue reading Managing Multiple Compressors

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Most industrial air compressors are very literally well-oiled machines. The system that surrounds that and the components that clean, cool, and dry the air they create also have their own needs to maintain efficient operation. There are a lot of moving parts to any air compressor system and those parts need to be serviced regularly … Continue reading Basics of Air System Maintenance

Compressed air is a costly, but necessary, expense for most industrial businesses. The positives of greater operational capability and productivity outweigh the one-time and regular payments to install and maintain the system. The biggest cost by far is electricity, and energy use is so crucial its costs and how to reduce them will be covered … Continue reading The Other Costs of Compressed Air


C.E.D. Compressed Air is a platinum distributor for Atlas Copco and takes advantage of the size and the depth of its product line and 140 year history. Atlas Copco is equipped with a modern research and development department. Atlas Copco is a leading edge company that sets the bar for all other manufacturers.

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