Keep Production Costs Down by Maintaining Your Air Compressor Parts

Air compressors are essential pieces of equipment across a multitude of industries. They are responsible for streamlining and optimizing the production process to ensure a quality and consistent end product. Each compressor is different depending on the industry it is used in. 

That being said, here are some of the most common guidelines to take preventative maintenance measures to ensure your air compressor parts stay in top condition.

Refer to the User-Manual

Every compressor comes with a tailored user manual to help you learn about best practices and guide you through basic troubleshooting. Some problems are not easily fixed, so if you can’t find a solution in the user manual. That’s when it’s time to book a service with your local professional air compressor parts and services provider.

Do a Daily Inspection

A thorough daily inspection can save you from costly repairs. Here is a checklist you can use:

  • Check hoses and make sure they aren’t buckled up.
  • Examine tubes and piping for any damage.
  • Inspect electrical wiring for cuts or frays.
  • Make sure all bolts and pipe connections are tight.
  • Check the gauges and other instruments for possible damage.

Check Oil Levels

Compressors that use oil must have their oil levels checked daily before operation. Much like a motor vehicle, air compressors have a gauge that tells you the current level of oil. 

Compressor oil is important for lubricating and sealing the rotors from air leakage as well as helping to remove heat from the compressed air. Oil should be clean and topped up daily or completely changed if contaminated.

Inspect The Air Filter

Breathable air is littered with dirt, dust, and other contaminant particles. These air pollutants cause problems for air compressors, from valve malfunctions and line obstructions to unnecessary wear and possible mechanical failure. 

Be sure to contact your manufacturer and follow their precise guidelines for changing, fitting, and maintaining your air filter.

Drain Moisture from the Tank

Air compressors have a receiver tank that captures all moisture while it is being used. These tanks have valves that can drain the moisture out of the tank. This is important to do daily and should be a part of your maintenance schedule.

Air compressors require a strict preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that all air compressor parts are in top functioning condition to avoid serious and expensive problems. 

Contact C.E.D. Compressed Air to meet your industry’s parts and preventative maintenance needs in Ontario today.

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