Just like any other piece of equipment or machinery, air compressors require regular maintenance in order to function correctly. Luckily, air compressors are praised for their minimal maintenance requirements, so if you just follow a few easy steps, you should enjoy your compressor for many years to come!

As experts in the industry, CED Compressed Air has compiled a few of the most important air compressor maintenance tips.

Purchasing the Right-Sized Air Compressor

Maintenance begins at the time of purchase. If you buy the right-sized compressor for your needs, you can expect fewer issues down the line and you’ll save yourself from having to pay for costly repairs.

Remove Moisture From the Tanks

Receiver tanks accumulate a lot of moisture, and the condensate should be removed frequently. An Electric Timed Auto Drain installed on the bottom of the tank valve will ensure that you are releasing the water with the air pressure from the tanks before the air gets sent downstream. 

Replace Hoses When Needed

Keeping an eye on your compressor’s hoses and replacing them when necessary is an essential part of any air compressor maintenance plan. Keep in mind that the longer your hoses are, the more chance there is of them presenting you with potential issues. Hoses can seam oil or crack and cause both air and oil leaks, causing a mess and potential downtime. 

Call in the Experts

Do the above maintenance tasks sound a little bit overwhelming? If you feel like you and your team are not quite capable of handling your own maintenance, then you may find it beneficial to call in the help of the experts, who will ensure that your maintenance is done right!

Here at CED Compressed Air, we provide preventative maintenance services for your air compressor. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to air compressor maintenance and what it entails. Allow us to partner with your regular maintenance team to provide your compressors with the customized care that they deserve.  

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