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Why You Shouldn’t Compress Your Compressor’s Space

Business owners and managers often worry about the kind of compressor they should get for their factories that they often overlook one aspect that is really important – where you’ll put the compressor. Because unlike other equipment used and operated by people the whole day, they are often placed in a space that is a little too small for it. Unfortunately, those spaces are incapable of providing your compressor with required standard temperature rating.


For your air compressor to function properly and be able to provide you with clean air, it must be located in a space that is more than ample, for the simple reason and fact that it needs sufficient air intake.


Usually, compressed air systems ratings are within 40 degree Fahrenheit and 115 degree Fahrenheit. There are some units like the refrigerated dryers, as well as the heated desiccant that have correction factors when temperature falls below or goes over 100 degree Fahrenheit. There are other considerations to be made, of course, before you install a compressor. This includes climate change, especially during summer and winter.


Regulating the compressor room ensures that your compressed air system will work at the capacity that you expect it to work. It is equally important to always check and review the user’s manual that comes with your compressor to make sure you are using your compressor the way the manufacturer intended it for.


Multiple pieces would require inlet air opening for each. The duct work would also need proper placement and thermostatically-controlled dampers. There should be proper ventilation for excess heat, meaning you’d reintroduce heat back into your compressor room when months get colder then exhaust them using additional ducting when the months are hotter.


Your refrigerated dryer would be needing access to cooling air in significant amounts. Therefore, it would be requiring an exhaust fan. Always take a close look at how cooled air flows and recirculates, as well as how your equipment and duct work are positioned around each other.


Our team of experts at C.E.D. Compressed Air can help ensure that you always have the cleanest air possible for your requirements. We provide all our clients with compressed air solutions that are suitable for all kinds of commercial and industrial applications. We bring you high quality products, as well as superior standard services all the time. So for all your compressor needs, just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you!



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