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Why You Should Replace Your Filters Regularly

All business owners who use air compressors wish for their equipment to run without any problem all year round. For this to happen, it is important that you know how to take care of your air compressor as well. And the right care includes getting preventive maintenance performed. You need to replace worn out parts and accessories, especially the air compressor filters. Here are some reasons why doing so is important:


To Avoid Shutdowns

If your air compressor often shuts down after hours of continued use, it is a sign that you have to replace your air filters. Remember that some industrial equipment like air compressors need a minimum amount of airflow for it to function properly. If your filter is too dirty and your air compressor does not get the amount of airflow it needs, then it is likely you’ll experience more and more shutdowns from your air compressor.


To Save on Energy

When your air filter is quite dirty, your compressor would have to work harder than usual – meaning, it also uses more energy. One simple way you can save on your energy costs is by ensuring that the filter you have in your industrial air compressor is clean. To achieve this, you need to change it regularly.


To Extend the Life of Your Compressor

Dirty air filter gets in the way of your air compressor, making it almost impossible for the equipment to run as efficiently as it should. When your air compressor is forced to work harder than it should, it could lead to possible damages that may be irreversible. So it is just more cost-efficient to replace your air filter, if it means your air compressor would last you a much longer time.


Some business owners either forget to change filters or they tend to ignore the need thinking that it’s a costly and unnecessary move. However, air compressor filters are actually fairly inexpensive especially compared to the cost of having to repair your equipment if you continue to use a dirty and worn-out filter for your air compressor. Focus on all the benefits you can get from changing your air filter on a regular basis.


C.E.D. Compressed Air can perform preventive maintenance for you and that is also a perfect time for you to replace your old filter. Any questions about air compressors? Please call us and we’d be happy to help you address your concern.

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