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Why You Should Perform an Air Audit

If you are running a factory or has an industrial shop, most probably, you perform maintenance services on your equipment and tools. This is especially important to do when you have compressed air systems. An audit is crucial for a lot of reasons.
You need to understand how you use compressed air at present and how your system should be actually running. For you to be able to have more control as well as improve your compressor’s reliability, you need to have an audit done. Professionals will be able to assess the situation you have, find out if there are any compressed air leaks or poor pressure at the point of use. Air leaking means money going to waste.
A compressed air audit can provide you opportunities to increase your production while at the same time reduce operating costs. Although it is basically a numbers game, the idea is that an audit should be able to identify and teach you if there are options available. For example, leaks are the most common problem identified and can cost you a lot than you probably know. You can save money by making sure that you minimize or avoid inappropriate uses.
Contamination in air systems is also common. It could be in the form of rust, water, or lubricant. Having these present can compromise the productivity of your plant and in extension, the quality of your product, if they come in contact. This will lead to downtime and massive maintenance costs. However, these concerns can be addressed at very low expenses if you properly understand how this relates to the function of the complete system, which can be easily explained to you in an audit.
In general, an audit is usually done to reduce energy cost. Other additional benefits of doing a compressed air audit include:
⦁ Higher Product Quality
⦁ Improved Productivity
⦁ Increased Equipment Reliability
⦁ Minimized maintenance costs.
⦁ Low-Cost Solutions
You can get these benefits from a compressed air audit that is conducted properly. There are also a few kinds of audits done, including ones that are specific to your concerns like leak audits. However, it is always preferable to conduct a complete air audit. It is also very important to get the service of a reputable company to provide you with a reliable and comprehensive report and recommendation.
C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. can provide you with what you require for your business. A variety of audit services are offered, including ultrasonic compressed air leak survey, air quality testing for contamination, condensate testing, operating system cost analysis, equipment maintenance program design and training, and more. Contact C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. for more detailed information about their air auditing services.

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