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Why you Need an Air Energy Audit

It is time to pay your electricity bill.

Air compressors are a crucial part of many industrial businesses – helping manufacturing, finishing, and laboratory processes in essential ways.  As critical as they are, air compressors do have some fairly significant drawbacks, specifically in terms of energy usage.  It’s estimated that compressed air by itself uses about ten percent of all industrial electricity and that ninety percent of that energy is burned off as waste heat.  That’s a lot of energy potentially wasted, which is why keeping your compressor systems running at peak efficiency is essential to good business.   That’s where the air energy audit comes in.

An air energy audit is a top-to-bottom comprehensive analysis of your entire compressed air system.  A proper audit involves an assessment and report of the entire system, including an ultrasonic air leak survey, compressor load profiles through logging and analysis as well as quality testing of the both the air and any condensate – all accompanied by their own individual reports.   Once testing is completed additional meters may be installed for further data gathering.

Once the physical audit is complete you’ll be presented with a full costs analysis report detailing exactly where money has been saved via the audit.  Additionally, recommendations will be made on how to further improve efficiency with your compressor system via possible upgrades or replacements, as well as any government rebates you might enjoy by doing so.  If you decide to act on those audit recommendations, training and implementation will be provided.

Every business is different, and any audits performed by CED will be made with your specific business needs in mind.  Compressed air can be a costly, if indispensable, utility.  If you’re looking to increase performance and ease wasteful spending, CED provides the best air energy audits in the business.  Contact us today.

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