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Why Size is an Important Factor to Consider When Buying Compressors

Are you looking for a new compressor?  If so, then you should definitely add the size of the compressor to the equation when you decide what kind of compressor to buy.


Why is it important?

First, you will better understand what we are trying to say once you know this: For each horsepower of compressor motor size, you can produce about 4 CFM of compressed air at 90 PSI. If you understand what that means, you probably don’t need more convincing. But if it is somewhat confusing, here’s an explanation:

If you purchase an air compressor with a fractional horsepower motor, then that is a motor that’s less than 1 HP – you should not expect that much compressed air to be produced by it.

If you have used a 12 VDC fractional HP, tankless, air compressor to pump up your tyre, then you know that while they do work, they are quite slow. It may even take you minutes to pump up a single tyre. So with that experience, would you be picking this size of compressor if you need to run your blow gun or air drill? Probably not. It is obvious that this small air compressor simply does not have sufficient output for it to run any air tool.

While it is quite  easy to see while the described air compressor above is too small to run air tools, it becomes a little more difficult  to comprehend the issue of size when it comes to compressors when you can find so many small compressors that are sold bundled with some air tools. However, often those tools only run for short periods with the compressed air coming from the air compressor in the bundle.

Again we tell you: please give some thought about what is needed by the air tools you are going to use, before you go and purchase a compressor. Even better, if you haven’t purchased the air tools you are planning to use yet, you can check the tool manual first and see what it requires in terms of compressed air flow as well as pressure for it to run properly. Look for the air tool that consumes the most air –then also pick the compressor that can supply that necessity satisfactorily. Doing so means you get a new air compressor that would be able to run all the other tools you have that consume less than that particular one you checked.

Air compressors can be really useful, especially if you have the right size. So don’t be hasty when making your air compressor purchase so you’ll get the most of your tool, too!

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