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What to Wear When Working with Air Compressors

Whatever you’re working on, safety is a major priority when it comes to working with air compressors. These powerful tools that pack a punch can be dangerous, if mishandled.
Wearing the right protective gears can make the huge difference. After investing in a power pneumatic tool such as an air compressor, make sure to invest in the proper protective gears! Know what to purchase by reading this entry below.
⦁ For your hands
Never attempt to handle air compressors with barren hands. Invest in heavy-duty gloves that can protect your hands from any possible damage the air compressor may cause.
No matter you are working on, make sure to wear gloves at all times. The air compressor releases high-powered blows of air that can cause cuts and lacerations so best be protected.
⦁ For your eyes
It is also important to protect your eyes when working with air compressors. Again, because air compressors are such powerful tools, they can easily dislodge harmful particles into your eye. Protect your eyes with industry grade safety goggles to prevent any accidents that can cost you your vision.
⦁ For your lungs
Aside from securing a workplace with proper ventilation, it is also important to wear safety masks when working with air compressors. There are toxins that are released to the air when an air compressor is hard at work – toxins you would want to protect yourself from.
⦁ For your ears
Experts also suggest you wear hearing guards when working with air compressors. Though not very apparent, these heavy-duty machineries can cause damage to your hearing. The side effects may not be instantaneous but are most likely to occur down the line. Make sure to protect yourself today and avoid problems in the future.
Aside from the safety gears mentioned above, one must practice precaution dealing with air compressors. Be mindful of your workspace and those around you to prevent unwanted accidents and pitfalls.
Also, maintenance is key in keeping any air compressor working optimally. Aside from making sure they run perfectly, proper maintenance is also key to ensure safety. C.E.D Compressed Air Inc. has been providing preventive maintenance services clients since 1986. We provide off site monitoring and repair services that are geared to helping you save on energy and utilities. Get in touch with us by calling   905.839.7043.
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