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What is Air Energy Auditing?

Compressed air has been highly visible in the energy conservation industry and a lot of people have been calling it the most expensive utility, wasted energy, and more. This immense awareness has brought about a breed of professionals – compressed air auditors who perform complete air system reviews.


But what is an air energy audit and what is it for?


To better understand what an air audit is, let’s answer this question. How much energy do you think your compressed air system could be wasting? Do you have any idea? No? Well, that is what an audit is for – to answer this question, among many others.


If your business facility makes use of a compressed air system, then it makes perfect sense financially to have an air audit done. This process will help you save money on energy bills. More than that, you are also spared of untimely repairs and replacements of the components of your compressed air system. Air compressors make use of energy more than any other industrial equipment. An air audit can help your personnel save up t0 50% of the current energy used.


All compressed air systems need to go through regular scheduled audits primarily to identify what are inefficient in their system. However, there are some noticeable problems that would prompt you to have an audit done. These problems include fluctuating pressure in the system, sudden rising or dropping of your energy bill, more frequent repairs, and leaks. If you have undergone some upgrades or hasn’t been audited for over a year, then definitely, it’s time to schedule one.


What is done in an audit?


First, a thorough examination of your system components is done. This is usually done in a walk-through to better get a sense of the layout of the system. From this first stage of the process, auditors may already identify flaws. As the owner, you should be prepared to answer questions about the system.

This is followed by the installation of measurement devices that can track important data. The data will in turn be collected and analysed. It usually takes 10-14 days before the auditors collect data. Auditors will also prepare a list of recommendations that could help improve your compressed air system.


These recommendations may include replacement of air tanks that are of the wrong size, installing flow control valves, eliminating unnecessary components, and even installing more efficient compressors and air dryers. They may also suggest that you change the way you use your system.


You of course, as the owner will ultimately be the one to decide which of these changes should be implemented. Usually a follow-up visit is done after the changes are implemented to ensure that the system is improved.


C.E.D. Compressed Air specializes in compressor equipment and we can perform audits at your workplace. Call us and we can discuss how we can save energy at your facility.

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