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Tips for Setting Up Your Distribution System

Installing an air compressor system into any industrial facility requires the taking into account of a number of factors. Those factors will determine the power of your compressors, the types of filters, and the way the system is set up. When laying the pipe that will provide the air flow you need for end-use applications there are some things that should be kept in mind.


How you arrange the distribution system will depend entirely on the shape of the area being serviced. For a large square plant your best bet will be a single loop system where the pipe will be centralized with offshoots to end-use points. The loop system enables minimal loss in pressure while allowing offshoot pipes to be shut down without affecting the system as a whole. For longer or narrower locations a straight pipe that branches to each use point may be more ideal. You may have a plant that requires function be separated into different areas and to maintain proper air flow and function it’s a good idea to create separate branch systems – each of which are fed by their own air receiver.


When installing pipe it’s crucial that any materials for gaskets or the pipe itself are suitable for any temperature to which they may be exposed, whether hot or cold. Once the pipe drops below freezing the condensate inside will solidify, especially those without a dryer system, and cause pressure drops and potentially damage so this must be avoided. Heated systems can be dangerous as well since it could present a risk to any employees who touch the pipe.


Drain traps, that should be automatically or manually emptied regularly, should be placed correctly and the piping arranged in a way that minimizes any condensate in the system. This means all piping should slightly slope away from compressors towards the use points.

Setting up your distribution system is a critical part of maintaining an excellent air compressor system. Getting the layout just right will result in a safer and more efficient system overall. If you’re looking for help setting up your distribution system the experts at CED can help you. Contact us today.

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