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Tips for Reducing Energy Consumption

The truth is a compressed air system is an energy hog. It uses a lot of power to do what it does but what it does makes everything else easier. Plants are able to run effectively because of them. That doesn’t mean that money can’t be saved however. With the right methods of assessment, analysis, and action, energy consumption can be reduced significantly – which means a nice bump for the bottom line.

Get the Basic Data

The best way to lower energy consumption is to minimize demand and to do that you need to know everything about your system. Understand what equipment you have and their operating costs, how the pressure operates across the entirety of system, and how much deviation there is from the average baseline energy requirements. Once you know these things you can start to make changes to lower costs.

Use Best Practices

Ascertain what actions can be taken most easily and work on those first. A common first step is lowering the pressure produced by the compressor to a level that is still able to maintain functionality across the full range of applications. After that you can take other methods to deal with any spikes in activity including the installation of additional smaller compressors or a more robust array of receivers. Also, all leaks should be found and sealed and a program should be implemented to proactively protect the system against future leaks.

Build a Better System

Once you’ve changed how the system operates you can look at increasing efficiency through installing new components – like pressure controllers – or moving existing components to a better location. You can use automatic systems to initiate multiple compressors as needed. Additionally you can consider end-use pressure requirements and replace equipment if you feel a newer more efficient version is worth the price.

Reducing energy consumption in your compressed air system is a key way to keep your electricity bill down and more money in your bank account. If you require additional assistance with finding methods to lower your energy bill, including a full air energy audit, contact our experts at CED today.

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