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Sustaining the Flow – The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

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All critical processes in any factories or industrial facilities need to be protected from catastrophic failure.  Losing any of those processes, including compressed air, results in downtime, lost production, and additional costs related to cleanup and repair.   The easiest and best way to prevent losses from equipment failure is to engage in a proactive approach to taking care of your compressors and compressor systems.   Preventative maintenance is absolutely crucial to ensuring your business stays active and productive.

Here are some important things to remember when maintaining your air compressor system.


For an oil-based air compressor, the oil needs to be checked regularly for contaminants like water or dirt.  Oil levels should also be checked to ensure that it’s being used at the correct rate and there are no leaks in the system.   If any foreign contaminants do find their way into the oil it should be changed immediately.


The air filter should be inspected regularly as well.  Any particularly dirty filter should be replaced, since it could cause severe damage to a compressor, costing much more in time and repairs than a filter replacement would.  Keep in mind, specific filters may be better for specific jobs, and should be used accordingly.

Mechanical Components

Always be aware, when using an air compressor, of any unusual vibrations or noises that could be indicative of larger problems – if such a noise is detected shut the compressor down and attempt to ascertain the problem.  In addition to anything out of the ordinary, mechanical parts like the drive belt, pistons, safety release valve, or any connective metal and bolts should be checked as part of a monthly maintenance routine.


Condensation builds up just as part of an air compressor’s day to day operation.  Make sure to drain your air tanks or your condensation management system according to proper environmental regulations.


Air connections and compressor joints should be checked for leaks regularly.  Rubbing soapy water around the joints, fittings, and connections will show air bubbles around any leaks, enabling knowledgeable replacement of parts.

Preventative maintenance is essential, but as you can see, it can get complicated.  Thankfully CED Compressed Air offers a full range of predictive and preventative maintenance programs that are tailored to your business.  We can train your own maintenance team and assist with setting up an effective spares stores system within your facility.  Contact us for more information.



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