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Spring Cleaning Your Compressed Air System

Making sure your air compressor is running at optimum condition requires proper and consistent maintenance. Failing to maintain your air compressor can have very costly implications and can lead to irreversible damages.
A well maintained air compressor could serve you for many years, for as long as you give it the proper cleaning it deserves. Here are some spring-cleaning tips for air compressed systems you should consider.
⦁ Regular inspection
An air compressor is a well-oiled machine that is relatively low maintenance but just because it is low maintenance, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a good hard look from time to time.
Make sure to have a trained professional take a look at your air compressed system regularly to prevent tiny damages from turning into something much worse.
A trained professional can identify small hiccups that can wreck irreversible damages to your system when not taken care of immediately. They can also perform the proper preventive maintenance measures to make sure your system is running at its best.
⦁ Check you filters
Making sure your system’s filters is free from dirt, dust and debris that can keep it from running at its optimum condition is key. It is also important to replace the filters when needed.
A clogged filter can put a tremendous amount of strain on the entire system – affecting its overall efficiency. Spare yourself from the added cost and potential repairs by having a professional check and clean your filters regularly.
You can opt to check on the filters yourself, if you have a relatively smaller machine intended for home use. Make sure to turn off the equipment and unplug it from the power source.
Once unplugged, wait for the compressor to completely cool off before beginning to unscrew the filter top from its base. Once you have successfully unscrewed the filter top, you can then proceed to removing dirt, grime and other elements that can potentially clog your compressed air system.
⦁ Check for leaks
Making sure your air-compressed system is free of leaks can help it last a whole lot longer. Although leak condensation does not cause wasted energy, leaks in the system do – if this is not repaired, the compressor runs harder or cycles more often, thus using more energy.
When it comes to your air compressor’s piping system, always remember to find leaks, fix them and prevent new ones from forming to avoid costly replacements.
There you have it, some tips to help you keep your air compressor running for years to come. If you need someone who can take a look at your system and perform necessary maintenance work, contact us! C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. has been providing compressed air services since 1986. Our trained and seasoned technicians can help you with your every need. Call us at 905.839.7043 today!
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