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Should You Get a Replacement Compressor Tank Now?

As time passes, you may find that your compressor tank is failing and you consider getting a replacement for it. Before you do, first you must know why a compressor air tank would fail.


Air compressors cram a substantial amount of air into their tanks. Of course, with that air comes water vapor which will condense into water once they are inside the tank. As the moisture level inside the tank increases, the possibility of the tank corroding also gets higher. Soon, there will be a pin hole leak. This is a good indication that your air tank needs a replacement.


If there is a pin hole in your air compressor tank and compressed air is also blowing out then it is highly probable that there is a much bigger problem inside. Yes, the corroded area in the inside of the tank is much bigger than you think. Even the littlest pin holes can mean a great tank failure. Consider this pin hole leak as a sort of warning. It is highly suggested that you get a replacement immediately and to avoid using the compressor altogether until you have replaced the tank.


When facing this kind of compressor problem, you might hear people suggesting for you to get a used compressor air tank from a similar unit. That of course would be the cheaper option but it also comes with issues. If you are considering this, then make sure you know how old the tank is and what the condition of the air tank inside is like.


Now you may be able to find a replacement tank from the same vendor who sold you your air compressor but the new tank’s cost may be quite high. In fact, in some cases, the replacement tank may cost you as much as the whole air compressor unit when you originally bought it.



It is recommended that if you are going to get a new tank for your air compressor, you first review the prices of the tanks with the same or a little larger size. Also, check the new compressors and compare how the pump is mounted to the tank and how it is plumbed into the tank itself and the pressure switch. Almost all compressors of the same size and style mount in a similar way.


Looking for a similarly sized tanks may lead you to realizing that it would be somehow less expensive to purchase a new air compressor with the same tank size as the previous one you used, than to purchase just a new tank. After all that means not only will you have a new tank, but also an array of compressor accessories that you can use as spares for your old compressor or you can just use the new one altogether!



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