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Impressive Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

C.E. D. Compressed Air is a trusted distributor of Atlas Copco’s premium products, including their superior quality line of vacuum pumps and blowers. Different industries around the world benefit from our air blowers, decreasing energy costs and contributing to a healthier environment.

ZS Energy-Saving Blowers
Long years of experience in screw compression innovation brought about Atlas Copco’s ZS line of oil-free screw blowers. While this used to be manufactured for higher pressures, it is now made available for lower pressure applications. You can save on costs on installation because this blower is a plug and play unit. It also comes with an integrated Variable Speed Drive and controller technologies.

On average, the ZS screw blower is about 30% more energy efficient compared to traditional lobe blowers which is outdated and consumes far more energy too.

ZB 300-900 Blowers
The turbo blower is aerodynamically designed to increase its efficiency at maximum flow while ensuring that you save energy too. Its key components include the integral gear, the operating controls, and the lubrication system.

Oil-sealed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps
The GV 630-4800 series of oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps is ideal for applications like electronics, plastics, printing, packaging, woodworking, canning, bottling, and other similar industries. Its high-performing technology like the sound-insulated canopy ensures that it works quietly, making it suitable in areas where employees work. Their top rated motors make them last a lifetime. Efficient oil mist separators minimize back-pressure and optimize delivered performance. Adjustable oil thermostat prevents condensed water vapor from contaminating the oil reservoir too.

Oil-sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
Atlas Copco’s innovative GV 20-300 series has efficient features that deliver the best possible performance at the lowest cost imaginable. This robust unit integrates functions like lubricant retention and return mechanism making it suitable for continuous operation. Its oil separation unit minimizes oil vapors in the exhaust gas. Its proven pumping performance makes it ideal for applications like woodworking, packaging, paper and printing, plastics, rubber, electronics, and more.

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