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C.E.D. Compressed Air understands your need for clean air for your production process and ultimately, your end products. You do not want to risk getting contaminated by dirt, water, or oil and damage your equipment. That is why C.E.D. Compressed Air brings to you Atlas Copco’s complete line-up of filtration solutions to meet your specific needs.

Inefficient production processes and substandard end products are often caused by issues like microbiological contamination, damaged production equipment, blocked valves and cylinders, storage vessel corrosion, and premature desiccant changes for absorption dyers. These are all brought about by the lack of clean compressed air.

Atlas Copco’s selection of filtration solutions with optimized glass fiber media include the DD+, DDp+, PD+, PDp+, and QD+ filters. They all efficiently reduce all types of contamination with a very minimal pressure drop. Their air flows and the low resistance of their air flow path also brings about significant energy savings. Stainless steel filter cores deliver a low risk of implosion. Direct contact is avoided between filter media and this stainless filter core by having protection paper. Epoxy sealed caps and new enhanced glass fiber media make for high filter efficiency. A push on element means these filtration solutions are also user-friendly.

DD+ and PD+ Coalescing filters remove solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. They are great for general purposes. DDp+ filters particulate filters mainly for dust protection and should be preceded by a dryer at all times. PDp+ particulate filters has a count efficiency of 99.98% for dust protection. QD+ activated carbon filters remove oil vapour and hydrocarbon odours within its 1,000 hour lifetime while the QDT’s lifetime lasts for 4,000 hours.

All Atlas Copco filters are covered by solid and durable housings that are designed for serviceability to make replacement of elements easy. This housing has special anodized treatment in and out to avoid corrosion. They have high performance automatic drain and a unique head design to reduce pressure drop and increase their reliability as well. The filters also feature an audible alarm for your peace of mind.

These filters have been fully tested and certified by ISO to comply with the standards required for coalescing filters and solid particle filters for compressed air systems.

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