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Exceptionally Efficient Oil Free Compressors

About 60 years ago, Atlas Copco pioneered the innovative oil-free air technology, knowing that there are specific industries that require clean compressed air, free from the risk of oil contamination. The known leader in the field of ail compression has been given the ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Certification. C.E.D. Compressed Air is a proud carrier of these oil-free compressors from Atlas Copco:

SF Oil-free Scroll Compressors
SF Units are also called Workplace Air System compressors. The scroll compression elements’ slow speed ensures that they work quietly, making them the perfect choice for any working environment. Because of the lack of metal-to-metal contact between compression scrolls, oil lubrication is not needed in the compression chamber- guaranteeing excellent quality, oil-free air. As the design for the SF units has minimal number of moving parts, a long operating life with very minimal service interventions is ensured. Atlas Copco also offers traditional on/off regulating systems for areas where the air demand is constant. Truly, the SF range of oil-free scroll air compressors meet your demands using only the most innovative technologies.

ZR/ZT Oil-free Rotary Tooth Compressors
Atlas Copco’s ZR/ZT units provide the ultimate package that can help minimize your electricity bill by an astounding average of 35%. ZR/ZT 15-45 compressors are compact and fully integrated packages that ensure the best performance with their reliable drive motor, moisture drains, coolers, and filtration. The integration of drying technologies is included in the Full Feature versions to comply with your specific air requirements.

The ZR/ZT VSD series matches the changes in compressed air demand by varying the speed of its drive motor. It uses the minimum amount of energy in the process as well. The VSD or Variable Speed Drive series offers a lower starting torque and currents, as well as lower yet constant air pressure.

You can benefit from the incredible features of Atlas Copco’s ZR/ZT rotary tooth compressors now. C.E.D. can immediately set you up and supply the highest quality of oil-free air through this innovative solution.

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