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Cast Iron Piston Compressors

Among the many types of air compressors, we are most familiar with the piston type. That is because they are the most widely used kind, and the compressor of choice of different industries. C.E.D. Compressed Air provides you with top quality piston compressors from the only reliable manufacturer.

Atlas Copco introduces two piston compressor ranges- the LS and LP compressors. They both work on a combination of computer-aided design paired with a strong cast iron construction and computer-controlled machining processes. The LS and LP compressors provide 24/7 reliability in performance.

Like other Atlas Copco products, the LS and LP units bring you the sought-after combination of high-quality performance and energy efficiency. Their duplex design with dual compressor heads allows lead-lag control especially when there is a high demand or spread workload across both compressors. The stainless steel valve is designed to achieve the highest volumetric efficiency. Their two-stage compressors also deliver up to 175 psig.

The computer-aided design and computer-controlled machine tools make for a maintenance-free system, with all their components readily accessible. A one-piece aluminum head boosts its strength while dissipating heat as well.

The LS and LP compressors are the perfect choice for commercial, automotive, and industrial applications. They are built to work even in the most demanding environments to ensure uninterrupted productivity with their cast iron construction. They are also available in a series of horsepower increments, so you can choose which one is perfect for your specific requirements whether they be high pressure or oil free.

Of course, if your application needs you to make use of painting, wood working, or power tools, the LS and LP range can be paired up with the right accessories for astounding professional results. Yes, the LS and LP compressors can enhance your productivity in more than one way.

You can call C.E.D. Compressed Air to set you up with Atlas Copco’s piston type or reciprocating air compressors.

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