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Accessories to Complement Your Compressed Air System

C.E.D. Compressed Air is known to bring our clients only the best in the air compressor industry, be it an oil-free compressor, an oil-flooded one or a piston; air dryer; vacuum pumps and blowers; generators and more. And because we want you to get the most of your compressed air, we also offer all the peripherals you might need to enhance or modify your existing system or to complete a new one you’re getting installed.

Some of the accessories we can provide you are high quality air hoses, quick couplers, and filter-regulator-lubricators or FRLs. We have pressure gauges and safety valves, among many others, too. We also offer air receivers, accumulators, tanks, and pressure vessels. Making use of these excellent components means you can easily minimize the compressed air operating costs in your company while still getting the assurance that you get the best possible performance from your compressed air system.

We also carry energy-recovery standalone kits. What are they for? When using oil-injected screw compressors, heat is dissipated through the oil system. This energy recovery unit recovers most of this heat by transforming it into warm or hot water without actually affecting the performance of the compressor itself. The water can then be used for many other applications.

C.E.D. Compressed Air works with industry leaders like Atlas Copco to ensure that our clients get only top of the line products along with the superior quality services our people offer. All our products, including the accessories we have, are designed and manufactured with our clients in mind. We want you to benefit from the efficient, clean, and cost-efficient solutions that only C.E.D. Compressed Air and our suppliers can offer.

You can always contact us for any inquiries about the innovative products we carry and the reliable services we can provide your company.

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