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Most Important Compressor Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are like most people, you’re going to do your research about air compressors before you decide on a particular unit. But what if you do not exactly know what you should look for?
These questions can help:
1. Why are you considering purchasing an air compressor? Are you planning to use the air compressor every single day for a few hours at a time, or would it just be used for occasional tasks that you should handle every once in a while. Remember that the compressor you’ll get should have sufficient capacity to handle the workload that you’ll give it.
2. How much pressure will your projects require? The capacity at which your compressor will have to operate depends on the demands of the tool or tools that you will use. Check the tools in your arsenal for the one that requires the highest volume of air and use that as a reference. You should buy a compressor with PSI that is higher than that level.
3. How much horsepower will your tools need? The horsepower level of an air compressor will determine how much air it will generate. It runs in relation to the CFM rating.
4. What features are essential for your type of work? Aside from pressure, tank size, and airflow, there are other factors to consider – will your applications be intensive or lightweight, will it be for professional or personal use, and whether you’re going to use it outside under harsh weather conditions. These features should be considered: a cast iron body that is more durable in stressful conditions, stainless steel valves that can prevent corrosion, an oil gauge to ensure you don’t run out of it, and more.
5. What kind of control system would work well for you? There are three variants to choose from – the start/stop system, the constant speed control, and the dual control.
When it comes to achieving superior quality metalwork, furniture, or crafts, a high-quality professional arsenal is very important. You’ll be glad to know that that kind of arsenal can now be completed in your garage or home for just a fraction of the size, weight, and of course, cost of the set- up of advanced equipment you see in factories. If you have more questions, do call us and we’d be happy to answer them all!

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