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Maximizing Air Tool Effectiveness

Most industrial use of compressed air (barring clean breathing, cleaning, or other systems) is for the operation of tools. These are the backbone of any factory floor since those tools, and the people who operate them, are what enable your company to keep doing what it’s supposed to. That’s why making sure those tools are working properly is a key part of overall compressor system maintenance.

Take a Look at the Air Tool

Take a look at the pressure going into the end-use terminal – the part of the system the tool directly connects to – and monitor that air pressure. It will likely be lower than the initial pressure at the compressor and that’s to be expected but too much of a pressure drop could be the result of a poorly installed or maintained system. Sometimes the pressure may be too much for a tool’s allowances and steps may need to be taken to reduce pressure at the inlet.

Seek out Efficiencies

Not every tool is equal. Efficiency in air tools can differ dramatically between manufacturers and higher efficiency tools may require less air flow for the same job. Make sure the tool you have will work best within the system and with the application that requires it. Remember not to let tools operate at ‘free speed’ since this will likely consume more air than tools that are properly constricting the air flow.

Maintenance is Key

Worn tools will consume more compressed air than they should, will require higher pressure, and can affect other air tool operations in close proximity. They should be replaced with newer versions as soon as it is convenient. Most air tools also require lubrication as per manufacturer guidelines and many will require additional maintenance.

Getting the most out of your tools is important, especially since that’s why you installed an air compressor system in the first place, so take the time to make sure they’re operating at peak effectiveness.   If you’d like an audit of your air tool system or are looking to install a compressor system of your own then you should contact the experts at CED today.

Maximizing Air Tool

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