Paying too much for your Maintenance Plan?

    Staying in Control

    Through regular service reports we keep you up to date about the status of your system, enabling you to make informed decisions about your compressed air capacity.

    If our technicians spot a developing problem that could ultimately affect your production, they will propose a course of action on top of the maintenance to avoid consequential damanges. If an urgent repair is needed, you get priority assistance.


    What if I buy maintenance every time I need it?
    You’ll have to closely follow up on your compressor’s service requirements and order each service intervention separately. The procurement process steps take time, possibly leading to delayed service and potential increase of your overall costs.

    What if I have my own team perform the maintenance?
    Even the best in-house technician cannot have the in-depth compressor knowledge of a specialized Atlas Copco service engineer. Service might take longer and a minute technical problem could remain undetected.

    Do I get any benefits in between service visits?
    The Preventative Maintenance Plan holds several benefits from the moment you sign in. Our emergency call out system with priority support will undoubtedly reassure you. The easy ordering process with extra benefits for services that are not included is one of our customer’s favourites. All resources are booked well in advance, letting you focus on your core business.


    C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. will visit your plant and perform an inspection on your compressed air equipment covering the following points.

    • Check and record air/oil separator pressure differential
    • Check and record oil flow path temperature
    • Check operation of moisture trap and condition of condensate
    • Check oil cooler and after cooler condition and blow out any loose dirt etc. with compressed air
    • Check the compressor(s) for any vibrations
    • Inspect the condition of the drive coupling or drive belts
    • Check and record load and unload pressures
    • Check condition of filters, blow dust out of air filter if required
    • Check oil conditions and level. Top up if necessary
    • Check operation and wiped down oil water condensate system
    • Record voltage and amperage readings
    • Inspect electrical for signs of wear or potential hazards
    • Check operation of air dryer(s) – blow out of condenser with compressed air if necessary
    • Check compressor(s) for any air or oil leaks
    • Ensure compressor(s), dryer(s) and surrounding areas are clean
    • Prepare report for customer with any recommendations regarding the proper operation of the compressor(s) or dryer(s). This inspection will be done on your compressor(s) and your dryer(s).
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    CED Compressed Air Installs and supplies all parts for industrial air compressors, dryers and filters. To ensure maximum performance and life of your product it’s very important to change parts regularly. We supply all parts for all makes and models.


    The C.E.D Compressed Air team provides excellent and reliable service every time. Our team is professional and have a client first policy. We strive to meet every customer’s request with the same urgency and respect by proving the best customer service to all our clients all the time.

    C.E.D Compressed Air available 7 days a week 24/7
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