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Is Your Compressed Air System Doing Fine This Winter?

Winter is almost over but it is still important that we maintain our important tools and properties during this cold season. Just as you make sure your house is kept safe and sound during this time, you should also check-up your compressed air system, most especially if you have one installed outside.

Here are some tips to help you keep your compressed air system running well this winter:

Regular Maintenance

This helps your compressed air system remain as energy-efficient as possible all year long. Drains should be checked thoroughly to avoid any clogging and inefficiency. The most important areas to check are: air dryers, receivers and filters. This is important because you do not want any type of moisture to freeze in the tank during this freezing season. Tanks should be checked daily for condensation and should be drained when necessary – regardless of the season.

Weatherize Compressed Air Installation

Many people forget to protect their compressed air systems during the winter. Experts suggest that preparation should be done not just during the cold season, but also during the warmer seasons. Once the snow has melted, compressed air systems should be checked, just as should be before the snow falls. Weather stripping should be checked and worn out areas should be replaced. Insulation should also be checked to make sure that the heat is staying inside. The compressed air system should also be checked for drains and air intake openings to ensure that there is sufficient protection from rain or snow.

Adjust Louvers

Heat recovery systems vary, but the simplest application is by ducting the warm air and recirculating it. During the summer, warm air can be ducted away from the compressor room to prevent the temperature from rising too high. In colder months, however, the warm air can be circulated back into the compressor room to keep the compressor from running too cool. If you do not have thermostatically controlled, motorized louvers, adjust them manually.

Clean Separators and Drains

Many valves operate with untreated compressed air that carries moisture to the valve body. Separators and drains in the compressed air system are susceptible to moisture so it is important to have these cleaned and repaired during the winter to prevent condensation from freezing.

These are just some tips to keep your compressed air system protected this winter. If you are not really familiar with some parts of your system, you can always have a professional help you with your concerns. Contact us for more information.


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