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How to Optimize Your Compressed Air System (Part I)

You may have heard somewhere that for industrial plants, compressed air is among the most expensive utilities and that it quite a poor way to transmit energy to your industrial machines. However, it is not likely that you would convert all your industrial tools and machines to direct-drive electric just for energy efficiency’s sake. Whatever they may say, and whether you like it or not, compressed air will always be a big part of industrial parts simply because it is a very useful utility.


The costs of compressed air systems vary because mostly, the efficiency of systems is overlooked if not ignored because there are more pressing issues when it comes to running a system. If you are lucky, your systems will run efficiently. If not, due to several factors including characteristics of the equipment, design of the system, and kind of maintenance given, things can go wrong.


Do not despair though, because there is definitely something you can do about it. Here are some ways you can optimize your compressed air system:


  • Have an Awareness Training

When it comes to compressed air, what you do not know can potentially hurt you. So before anything else, get an awareness training and have all of your employees attend it. In fact, this is the best initial step you can do to both understand your equipment and ultimately optimize your system.


  • Implement Efficient Control for Your Compressors and Dryers

In what control mode are you operating your compressors and dryers? Are they done efficiently? It is highly unlikely that you’ll find an air compressor operator who can give you the answers to these instantly. How you control your air compressors and other related equipment is crucial both to the reliability and efficiency of the whole system.


  • Regularly Monitor Your Compressed Air System

If you want to be able to handle all the costs of your compressed air system, you need to measure the system. If you cannot measure a system, it cannot be efficiently managed either. You need to create a baseline to understand and overcome the difficulties in improving the quality and stability of air, and the efficiency of your system. Measure all the key parameters, including the flow, pressure, power, and dew point over a time period. The date you gather then needs to be analyzed and checked for any possible issues.


These are three of our top tips in optimizing your compressed air system. We’ll give you the rest on our next post. Meanwhile, follow these simple steps to give you a good start!

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