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How to Keep Your Air Compressors Running Efficiently

It is undeniable how compressed air systems play a major part in the industrial world. In fact, for most plants, their productivity and products’ quality heavily depend on the proper functioning of their air compressors. Therefore, it is only understandable that you exert efforts in making sure that you keep your systems running as efficiently as possible. The key to that? Preventative maintenance of course!
You might decide to have a team of your most dedicated in-house technicians, or you might prefer to have it done by reputable companies in the industry. Whichever you choose, here are a few maintenance guidelines to ensure that your compressor runs smoothly:
Inspect joints and piping for leaks. The most common culprit for wasted compressed air is an undetected leak. If found in hosing, it can also cause your machine to overwork and shorten its lifespan. To make inspection easier, always keep the exterior of your unit clean all the time.
Keep your air filters clean. For compressors that make use of filters to clean the air that enters the unit, it is essential that you have them inspected and cleaned on a weekly basis to ensure that you remove dust and debris. This ensures the quality of the compressed air produced.
Check the oil regularly. Because most compressors depend on oil to lubricate pistons, you should always make sure that it is always at the full mark on the gauge. It also needs to be changed as needed. Oil filters should also be replaced regularly.
Replace worn out compressor belts. Most compressors use a belt to turn the motor. Watch out for signs of wear like small threads and separations. Once these are present, have the belt replaced.
While these maintenance tips seem simple, they actually take a lot of work, and may cause a lot of confusion, especially if you have a few people on rotation for these tasks. To keep everyone on the same page, and to avoid any problems, it is advisable to keep a log of all the maintenance services done, including the dates. Have this filled out by anyone who checks, cleans, or replaces any part of your air compressor.
To make sure that these maintenance steps are done properly, and your compressed air system running efficiently, you can also ask for a team of professionals from a reputable company like C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. to perform them for you. This will give you the peace of mind and the assurance that your compressed air system is in its best form, and your production, at its optimum level too.

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