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How to Get Exceptional Performance from Your Industrial Air Compressor

Your industrial air compressor is not a cheap investment.  That is why for you get your money’s worth, you have to do everything you can to make your compressor last for as long as you can make it last. While it may sound like a complicated task, it really isn’t. Just make sure you exert effort consistently, you can be assured of reliable service for years and years to come.


To help you extend the lifespan of your industrial air compressor, here are some tips for you:


  1. Make sure your industrial air compressor gets regular inspection. As to how often you should have the inspection largely depends on the specific model of the unit and its manufacturer. In general, air compressors need to be checked about twice or thrice a year. A qualified inspector like the ones from C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. will be able to determine if there are issues that are affecting the performance of your compressor at present, as well as any potential problems in the future. The sooner these potential problems are recognized, the sooner you can have them fixed.


  1. Do not hesitate to replace parts as needed. Doing so can help keep your industrial air compressor up and running for much longer. When a professional inspector tells you that a component has to be replaced, it is best for you to heed his advice. Ignoring his advice can result in a bigger defect and probably more expensive repair in the future.


  1. To make sure that your industrial air compressor efficiently performs its task the way it is expected to, you also need to apply lubricant occasionally. This will coat each core component of your compressor with much needed lubrication that will also allow them to easily do their specific jobs.


Just like any other kind of machinery, your industrial air compressor also requires a sufficient amount of upkeep from professionals. If you do your part and make sure you are on top of things when it comes to both maintenance and repair needs, it is possible for your compressor to last you for countless years. To achieve this, you need to commit to your responsibilities as the business owner – have regular inspections, replace needed parts, and lubricate when necessary. If you are in need of any component for your industrial air compressor, or requiring repair or inspection, do not hesitate to contact C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. We have got you covered!

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