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How Important is Lubrication for Industrial Air Compressors?

Lubrication is vital for industrial air compressors. If you are trying to operate an air compressor with no proper lubrication, you will soon find need to replace internal parts of your equipment. There are a lot of reasons why lubrication is of utmost importance for air compressors.


How long an industrial air compressor would last largely depends on whether one uses quality lubrication. Lubrication affects a lot of parts of an air pump like the gears, gearings, and pistons. When lubricated properly, these parts will last longer because friction will be reduced. It would also reduce temperature inside the air compressor by conducting heat. If one uses a good lubricant, it can remove the heat of compression and in turn protect internal parts from developing rust.


Lubricants can also reduce the operating cost of an industrial air compressor. It is not only because it can eliminate repair costs that come from wear and tear but also because it can make an air compressor perform efficiently in an energy-saving manner.


You may be tempted to buy and use lower quality products because of their cheaper costs. However, they do not lubricate as well as high quality synthetic fluids nor do they hold up under harsher conditions. Superior quality lubrication offers sufficient amount of shield to important parts without causing grime and build up of debris that may otherwise accumulate on some parts.


There are a variety of lubricants like polyglycol ester, polyol ester, diesters, polyalphaolefins, synthetic blend, and petroleum oil, among others. Before choosing one, though, you should also consider the kind of air compressor you have. Use a lubricant that is suggested by the manufacturer. Adhere to the maintenance interval according to the manufacturer, just as you would use the original equipment parts to comply with the warranty.


Similar to the way you would change oil in your car, it is imperative that you regularly change the lubricant in your air compressor. The lubricant is oil so it can sit in the compressor and become stale and old. It can lose its lubricating properties and hinder the equipment’s performance. It may also cause filter blockage and failure.


There are things you can do to preserve your lubricant, like keeping the filters clean and monitoring the temperatures. Anything above 100 degrees Fahrenheit would break down the lubricant faster.


Lubrication is truly important for air compressors in an industrial setting. Frequent changing og oil can save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on repair and maintenance.



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