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How Important is Air Compressor Oil?

More often than we care to admit, we forget how important it is to keep the machines we use properly oiled. You see it happen on a daily basis. Drivers run cars that are past their scheduled oil changes and they even wonder what happened when they start to see signs of possibly serious mechanical issues. Like how important it is for your car to get its routine oil change, it is equally important for your air compressor to have the correct oil. Yes, your industrial air compressor also needs its oil to be changed frequently for it to run efficiently. But more than just getting those regular oil changes, you should also ensure that the oil you are using is the right one for your air compressor.

So why is it important to change the oil of your air compressor? Heat is removed by oil from the compression. Because you want to avoid overheating and you want your compressor to be able to operate longer, this is important. Oil also functions as a sealant that would prevent air from leaking out of the compressor. This is also crucial because leaking air results to a less efficient operation Oil of course, lubricates the moving parts during operation.. Lastly, oil cools down major operating components of your compressor.


Now that you understand how important oil is for the operation of your industrial air compressor, you should also remember that this is not enough. It is just as crucial that the right kind of oil is used. You should know that the wrong oil can even bring about negative effects on your compressor.


If you are unsure about the kind of oil that should be used for your industrial air compressor, it is best to ask the opinion of qualified professionals from C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. Aside from determining what oil is right for your specific unit, our expert can also thoroughly inspect your air compressor to see if all its components are in good working condition, or if there is any part that requires either some repair work or even replacement.


Some of the ways we can help you keep your air compressor at its best are through our preventative maintenance, offsite monitoring, air energy audits, and vibration analysis. We also carry parts of industrial air compressors. So for any air compressor needs you might have, just contact C.E.D. Compressed Air, Inc.

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