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Horizontal vs. Vertical Air Compressors

If you are thinking of purchasing an air compressor, you might find yourself choosing between a horizontal or a vertical system. You might think that one outperforms the other when truly they are all the same.
The only main difference between a horizontal and a vertical air compressor is the amount of floor space they take up. In this entry, we discuss this difference in detail to help you make an informed choice.
All about floor space
Horizontal and vertical air compressors do not really differ as much as we think they do. As mentioned earlier, the only main difference between the two is the amount of floor space they take up.
If you are looking into getting an air compressor for a home or business facility where space is an issue, you might want to consider getting a vertical air compressor since this type of compressor has the tank stacked on top of the motor and the base unit – making them a more space savvy option.
Vertical air compressors are a very popular choice to consumers because of their portability – most vertical air compressors can be wheeled in easily from one location to another without much trouble.
If you are looking into dragging your air compressor from one location to another, you might want to consider getting a vertical one.
Horizontal air compressors on the other hand take up more floor space because of their build. But just because they take up more floor space, doesn’t mean they take up more than they should. Horizontal air compressors can easily be hid under worktables and desks for easy storage. These can come really handy in workshops, carpentry stations and the likes.
Generally speaking, the build of your air compressor (whether it be a horizontal or vertical one) doesn’t affect its performance. If space is not an issue for you, then there is no need to focus on this aspect. You are better off focusing on finding a system that has enough power for what you need.
Tank size
When choosing the right air compressor, choosing the right tank is relatively a more important point to consider.
You want to choose an air compressor that has a large enough tank to handle all the tasks you need done. The tank, after all, is the one in charge of maintaining even airflow throughout operation. If you use an air compressor for sensitive work (like dentistry) then an air compressor with a larger tank is what you need.
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