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Estimating and Reducing Energy Usage

Energy is always the largest cost for any air compressor system which is why it is so important to rein in energy use or find other ways to save. Making adjustments to your compressor output or even discussing your bill with your power utility can make a significant dent in your monthly bills resulting in thousands of dollars in savings a year. Here’s how to get a handle on your power usage.

Estimating Your Energy Costs

The first thing you should do is figure out how much power your system is going to be using. A kilowatt meter is the easiest and most preferable method but you may not have access to that instrument. If not a professional air compressor technician can use a series of measurements based on various load conditions and create a power use profile through a mathematical formula. In addition, all electrical usage for dryers, fans, water pumps, and associated components will be taken into consideration and matched up against your utility’s rates.

Talk to Your Power Utility

Once you understand your usage you may be able to get a better rate by talking to your energy provider. You may be paying more in demand fees than you should, for example. Also they may offer lower cost power at different times of day. If power is significantly cheaper after-hours you may choose to set up a controller that fills your receivers automatically when it’s at that lower price rather than during the workday.

Decrease Your Usage

The biggest way to save money on electricity is to lower your usage. That means running your compressors at their lowest effective pressure, minimizing leaks or maintenance issues, and taking advantage of higher efficiency equipment. Again, talking to an expert will assist greatly in figuring out the best ways to lower your rates.

Lowering energy usage will be a big benefit to your bottom line. If you need to talk to an air compressor expert or have a comprehensive air energy audit performed on your business contact us at CED today.

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