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Ending Compressed Air Leaks

Any leaks in a compressed air system can result in not only loss of pressure and flow but also an unnecessary use of energy. A single quarter inch leak can end up costing in excess of ten thousand dollars a year. Needless to say, a thorough program for the finding and prevention of air leaks is an important foundation for saving on energy costs. A plant without such a program will likely have leaks that could equal twenty percent of the total capacity of compressed air. With a program to prevent and eliminate leaks the loss could be well under ten percent.

Types of Leaks

Intentional leaks are when a decision is made to institute a leak, usually to temporarily solve a problem. For example, a piece of equipment may require less pressure to operate effectively so a valve is left partially open to facilitate that rather than go through using other methods to reduce output before end-use. While this can be effective in the very short-term it is highly inadvisable for longer and actions should be taken to use other methods to fix equipment problems. Unintentional leaks are caused by damage or failures in piping, equipment, hoses, or other components. These types of leaks require a maintenance and inspection program to properly catch.

Other Issues

Beyond additional energy waste, leaks will cause a system to work harder than it should in order to keep up the necessary supply. This can be shorten the life of the equipment creating an additional need for required maintenance. With a significant leak problem the system may not be able to make up the difference at all and compressed air equipment will begin to operate less effectively – which could have a serious impact on production.

Leaks can create significant and long-lasting issues for any compressed air system if they’re not ended as soon as possible. If you need help putting together a leak prevention program or want an experienced technician to find any leaks your system may have contact the experts at CED today.

Compressed Air Leaks

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