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Do I Need a Condensate Management System?

condensate management

Air compressor systems, regardless of type or efficiency, produce more than air.  Water vapor will form and mix with the oil inherent in many compressors and form condensate, an emulsified combination of oil and water that can pose a serious environmental risk.  Not treating this condensate correctly can harm the environment and may result in stiff penalties for any company that does not treat this issue with the correct tools and technology.

In short, if you have an oil-flooded compressor system, you absolutely need a condensate management system.

At CED we offer condensate management systems both fully integrated with a compressor system as well as ones that can be added to any pre-existing system as a separate piece.   Full integration offers simplified monitoring and maintenance while the separate system enables a more flexible installation for larger scale or older, but still operating, systems.  Both are relatively easy to install and operate.

The methods of condensate management are complex and varied, but generally involve filtration via coalescing or oleophilic filters, and separation through gravity or other means.  Once the condensate has been pulled from the system it can be disposed of safely with methods adherent to environmental regulations, keeping your facility clean and productive.

If you’re interested in purchasing a condensate management system either individually or as part of a larger air compressor installation, we at CED can help.  Contact us today for more information on which condensate management system, or air compressor products, might be right for your business.

Condensate Management System

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