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Common Problems in Air Compressor Systems

Air compressor systems are complex and complex systems are always subject to problems over time.  Knowing what the most common problems are, however, can help with both isolating potential issues before they grow and investigating inconsistencies in performance.  Here are some of the more common problems you might encounter with a compressed air system.

Critical Issues

For the purposes of most compressed air systems your most critical problems will be ones that could affect the health of employees or have a significant impact on output and efficiency.  For most facilities that means leaks, improper controls, and elevated pressure.  Leaks can come from anywhere from equipment to piping and need to be sealed as soon as possible as every bit of air that is lost will result in higher energy costs.  Controls that aren’t working, or aren’t properly understood, could access the wrong components at the wrong time and cause dramatic problems with productivity.  Elevated pressure could present a danger with equipment being used at pressure higher than it’s been designed to handle possibly resulting in damage or injury.

Other Issues

Beyond critical problems there are other things that need to be looked at to make sure the entire system is operating optimally.  Piping needs to be properly installed and of the correct size to maintain air flow.  There should be provisions made for measurement and control points so the system can be sustained in an effective manner and all dryers, drain traps, and filters should be properly maintained on a regularly basis.  Most importantly end use needs to be taken care of to ensure operators don’t cause undue issues for the system – inappropriate use like keeping regulators set to max or improper tool usage need to be curtailed.

Take care of these problems and you’ll have an efficient compressed air system that will keep your productivity where it needs to be.  Many of the above problems are caused by improper installation or poor maintenance.  CED can help by installing new piping or components or taking a look at your maintenance needs.  Contact us today.

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