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Benefits of a Rotary Screw Compressor

Much like a reciprocating air compressor a rotary screw compressor is also a positive-displacement type compressor that works by forcing air into a smaller area through two inter-meshing rotors inside the same housing.  The design of each rotor will differ based on model or manufacturer but work on the same principle – compressing the air as it is forced between the rotors.

Most rotary screw compressors are lubricated to keep the rotors and bearing working properly, remove excess heat, and to act as a seal between for areas not fully covered between rotors or the rotors and their housing.  There are other versions that use a single screw and compress the air against a two rotors arranged on each side at right angles.  There is also a sliding vane type that operates with a single rotor and works by compressing the air against the housing wall.  Both the single screw and sliding vane compressors have generally the same advantages and disadvantages as the standard rotary screw compressors but with more limitations in terms of capacity control.

The rotary screw compressor is a popular choice for commercial applications for good reason.  They are reasonable compact, have a low cost of entry, and operate effectively vibration-free – which means no additional work needs to be put in to the foundation – and they come in a complete package.  Control systems also work well with these compressors so they only need to work as hard as your current needs might dictate.  Maintenance is also relatively simple, with regular lubricant and filter changes.  One of the few drawbacks is the need for lubricant to be removed from the system post-compression via a separate separator element.

Lubricant-free rotary screw compressors are also available for those who have applications that specifically require it though they are less efficient, require more maintenance, and come at a premium over lubricant-injected versions.

The benefits of rotary screw compressor are ones that make it well-suited to industrial applications.  If you need a rotary screw compressor of any type you should talk to some experts who can field any questions you may have.  CED is ready to help.  Contact us today.

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