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Basics of Air System Maintenance

Most industrial air compressors are very literally well-oiled machines. The system that surrounds that and the components that clean, cool, and dry the air they create also have their own needs to maintain efficient operation. There are a lot of moving parts to any air compressor system and those parts need to be serviced regularly or there could be serious consequences.

The Downsides of Poor Maintenance

Inadequate or improper maintenance can severely impact system operation. Lower air pressure can result from filters past their replacement date, undiscovered leaks, or incorrect compressor maintenance. The system will then increase output unnecessarily which will result in greater expenditures on energy. In worse case scenarios, lack of appropriate maintenance can lead to compressor malfunction, catastrophic failure, and potentially even injury of personnel.

Increase Your Frequency

Many manufacturers will have set specifications for maintenance including appropriate intervals for inspection. These service schedules are strict but are designed to protect equipment not overall system capability. It’s wise, in most cases, from an economic standpoint to actually maintain equipment more often than the manufacturers suggest as this will keep up efficiency and pressure and minimize losses.

Track the Data

While maintaining systems is a worthy first step it’s important to keep records on file for what maintenance was completed and when. Additionally, all relevant measurements of output, energy use and component performance should be tracked as well. These numbers will act as indicators against a baseline that will tell you if your system requires a more thorough inspection or if all is running smoothly.

Taking care of your system means being proactive and looking to prevent any issues that may arise. If you have any questions or would like your own system to be looked at by a professional air compressor technician, contact the experts at CED today.

Air System Maintenance

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