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Air Compressor Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

Air compressors don’t usually need daily upkeep, and while that is good, it also means it is quite easy to forget that they actually do need some maintenance. However, that could be really costly so it is really important that you take care of your air compressors. These tips can help you a lot:


Your air compressor came with a manual for a reason. Read it! Do not assume that just because your old compressor worked a certain way that it means your current one is just the same. Nothing spells future trouble more than neglecting to read the product manual. You will find that you can learn a lot about the particular model of your compressor and how you can make it last longer in those sheets of paper.


Most tanks have a valve to drain accumulated moisture. Drain it! This is especially important if you live in a climate that is humid. Make sure you do this regularly and that before you drain the water you release the air pressure from the tanks first.


Clean your intake vents, more so if you work in a really dirty or dusty environment. The quality of your tool is degraded by working your air compressor too hard to intake air. It will not help if you leave your vents dirty, too.


The hoses are the veins of your air compressor. Check them regularly for any signs of corrosion or cracking as these may lead to leaking and putting undue strain on the other components. If you see any damages, make sure to replace the hose itself.


A filthy air filter allows dirt from the outside to get in. It also forces your air compressor to work harder to intake air. If there is a heavy buildup of dirt in your filter, you might as well change them. If you do not use it that frequently, a change every six months is good enough.


Tighten everything up from time to time! Because air compressors are vibrating engines, eventually, there will be loose nuts, bolts, and screws. Neglecting to do this could be very dangerous.


If your compressor has a built in safety shutdown, make sure that it works. It will be very convenient to have it working when your compressor gets really hot or if the oil pressure is too low.


Clean the fuel tank to be sure that your air compressor is in its optimal operating condition. Do this about once a year to remove residual build ups. This will prolong the life of your engine.


These are just some of the maintenance steps that you can do to make your air compressors last longer. Remember that proper usage and upkeep is the key to making any engine work at its best.


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