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Air Compressor Issues to Watch Out For

When maintaining a compressor system it’s best to start with the compressor. It’s the most crucial part of the system after all since it’s the component that actually compresses the air. Every compressor is different depending on its design, type, and intended use and each model will have its own specifications in terms of correct maintenance. That said, there are some tips on issues to look for when most industrial compressors.

The Compressor Motor

The heart of any air compressor is the driver, or motor. Based on the manufacturer’s specifications a motor may need to be lubricated anywhere from every two to every eighteen months. Too little lubrication can cause wear and tear and too much can hurt components in other ways – improper lubrication is a significant cause of motor failure. Use new and high quality grease and make sure bearings and fittings are lubricated as well. Make sure any additional grease is purged correctly to ensure no damage is done.

A motor should be also be cleaned as part of its regular maintenance which means keeping all air passages clear and cooling fins free of debris. Keeping the motor within operating temperatures is key to a longer lasting compressor. Additionally, any belt drives will require examination and adjustment to make sure they are neither too tight nor too loose and to ascertain whether they require replacement.

The Rest of the Compressor

The rest of the compressor is much like the motor as emphasis is placed on lubrication and cleaning. Lubrication and lubrication filters will need to be changed regularly to keep everything running correctly. Cleaning, too, will need to be done not just to surfaces to keep temperature low but also to inlet filters and piping to prevent any debris from entering the system.

Keeping an air compressor running right can be a labour intensive and complex job but if done well it will keep your entire system at peak efficiency and your floor at peak production. If you have any issues with your compressor system then you should contact the experts at CED today.

Air Compressor Issues

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