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5 Tips to Maintain Your Air Compressor

Air compressors are not only useful in big commercial plants; they can also come in handy at home. With their many uses and power, one can easily overlook its maintenance needs.
The secret to great running air compressor is proper maintenance. Make sure to regularly inspect your air compressor for any signs of wear and tears that can lead to costly damages. Aside from regularly inspecting on your air compressor, we have also made a list of a few maintenance tips just for you. If you want to know more, read the entry below.
⦁ Get to know your machine
Air compressors can be very intuitive to use – intuitive enough to make you forget the manual. Knowing more about your machine can help you make better use of all its functionalities.
By reading the manual, you are also educating yourself on proper maintenance steps as recommended by the manufacturer. Each machine is built differently so take the time to get to know your air compressor before putting it to good use.
⦁ Get rid of moisture – often
If you live in a humid place, chances are, moisture accumulates in the receiver tank more often than you want it to. It is suggested that you drain the moisture from the tank before or after every use.
Make sure to release the air pressure before draining moisture to prevent accidents.
⦁ Change the compressor pump oil
This step should be taken with proper caution as the pump and its surrounding areas reach scalding hot temperature. Carefully place a container underneath and remove the oil drain cap. Allow all the oil to drain out and tightly secure the cap back on.
Make sure the air compressor is turned off, removed from the power source and properly cooled before following this step.
⦁ Proper storage
Your air compressor is very sensitive to humidity. Storing it in a dry place is your safest bet in preventing moisture from accumulating in the receiver tank.
⦁ Check the air filters
Dirt and dust can accumulate in the filters, which can prevent your machine from working at an optimum condition. Make sure to regularly check on the filters and clean or replace them- as needed.
Above everything else, regular inspection is key in prolonging the life of your air compressor. If you feel like something is not right with the machine but can’t seem to figure it out, best to call an expert who can inspect it thoroughly with a trained eye.  C.E.D. Compressed Air Inc. has been providing compressed air services since 1986. Our trained and seasoned technicians can help you with your every need. Call us at 905.839.7043 today!

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